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  • Ultimaker ABS
    Tough and durable
    Ultimaker's new ABS is good for mechanical parts with an optimized printing experience. It's impact resistant, dimensionally stable, and can withstand temperatures up to 85 ºC.

  • 商品説明
      • 商品説明
  • Used by an array of industries worldwide, ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is known for its exceptional mechanical properties. Specifically formulated to minimize warping and ensure consistent inter-layer adhesion, Ultimaker ABS allows the creation of functional prototypes and complex end-use parts with ease.

    Reasons to choose Ultimaker ABS
    Excellent mechanical properties
    Excellent inter-layer adhesion, especially when using the Advanced Printing Kit
    Withstands temperatures up to 85 ºC
    Great for exceptionally strong prototypes or end-use parts
    Achieves nicer aesthetics compared to other ABS filaments
    Formulated for an easy 3D printing experience with minimal warping and good bed adhesion
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