• EinScan SE

  • ¥179,800 (税別)
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  • カートに追加する
  • 株式会社Shining 3D(中国浙江省杭州市)製の3Dスキャナー「EinScan-S」に性能の向上した後継機「EinScan-SE」が登場しました。Shining 3D社の工業用製品の開発知見を生かした 精度の高いコンシューマー向け製品として高い評価を受けていた 従来機から、スキャン速度・ソフトウェアの操作性が向上してリニ ューアルされました。

  • 商品説明
      • 商品説明

    Each scan generates a high-quality 3D data file


    Structured light 3D scanning technology allows for detailed reconstruction of an object's real geometry.



    Easily output to formats compatible for 3D printing


    Auto-meshing to watertight models allows for easy export of high quality 3D data which can be printed on any 3D printer.



    Less hassle with automatic software


    Features such as automatic calibration, one-click scanning, auto-alignment and fusion for direct mesh generation mean less time setting up and more time scanning.



    Direct upload for online file saving and data sharing


    Sketchfab integration with scanning software provides the opportunity for simple uploading and file sharing for users.



    Easier operation, faster scanning,
    and enhanced efficiency


    Time required for a single scan: EinScan-SE 8 seconds
    Time required for a 360-degree scan using auto-scan mode: EinScan-SE 2 minutes
    Single shot accuracy: EinScan-SE .1mm





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